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Green Meadows Welcomes Brianna Grignon to Spearhead Wholesale Operations

brianna gagnon

Green Meadows, a family-owned Massachusetts cannabis brand known for their commitment to organic cultivation and philanthropic efforts with veterans, announced today the appointment of Brianna Grignon as the company’s new Wholesale Manager. With a stellar reputation and a rich background in multiple facets of the cannabis sector, Brianna’s appointment signals a strategic move for Green…

Green Meadows Celebrates Double Win at “Best of Central Mass Official Choice Awards”

best of central mass official choice awards

Community Votes Green Meadows “Best Marijuana Dispensary” for the Second Year in a Row and “Best CBD Store” of 2023 Green Meadows Cannabis Dispensary is proud to announce its recent accolades as a double winner of the competitive “Best of Central Mass” Official Choice Awards for “Best Marijuana Dispensary” and “Best CBD Store”. Voted on…

Celebrating Heritage Through Flavor: The Story Behind Green Meadows’ Coquito

green meadows vape

Green Meadows, a leading premium cannabis brand in Massachusetts, is set to release an unexpected addition to their winter seasonal line – Coquito. More than just a flavor option, Coquito represents a rich cultural heritage local to Central Massachusetts, and a deep personal connection for the man behind its creation, Alfredo “Al” Celestino, the Extraction…

Green Meadows Embarks on a Heartfelt Holiday Mission to Support Local Communities

green meadows food drive

As the holiday season approaches, Green Meadows, a recognized leader in the Massachusetts cannabis market, is on a mission to make a meaningful impact in the communities they serve. Green Meadows has launched a charitable initiative to gather donations for local food banks, in Southbridge and Fitchburg where their two retail destinations are located.  “The…

Green Meadows Granted Medical Cannabis License for Fitchburg Location

woman standing at desk

Medical patients look forward to product variety, patient consultation, and tax-free organic cannabis Green Meadows received its final medical license on October 12th, 2023 from the Cannabis Control Commission to serve medical patients. Green Meadows expects to begin serving medical patients and caregivers at its Fitchburg dispensary next month, and the Patton family couldn’t be…

Unveiling at Ease

at ease product photography on baby blue background with cannabis flower in shot

In the dynamic world of cannabis, the “At Ease” line by Green Meadows stands out, offering consumers a unique experience. The secret behind this distinctive line? A meticulous partnership approach with a variety of cultivators.  Cultivator Partnerships  Green Meadows is known for its organically grown premium flower brand, which caters to the high end of…

Sunlight vs. Grow Lights: Exploring Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

sunrise through the outdoor flower field

Cannabis cultivation has come a long way since its Asian origins thousands of years ago. With advancements in technology and our understanding of the plant, growers now have the option to cultivate cannabis both indoors and outdoors. Depending on your preference, indoor and outdoor cultivation are both legitimate options for hobbyist growers who want to…

The Benefits of Organic Cannabis Farming

marijuana leaf canopy

Here at Green Meadows, we firmly believe in the extraordinary benefits of organic cannabis farming. Not only is this practice kinder to our planet and better for your health, but it also leads to a superior product. One of the standout advantages of organic cultivation lies in developing rich and varied terpene profiles, unparalleled in…

Green Meadows Doubles Down on Health-Focused Mission with New CBD Line

CBD Tincture, open bottle

Patton Reserve Products Formulated for User Wellness Green Meadows is proud to announce the creation of an expansive new generation of exceptional products highlighting its original inspiration. The Patton Reserve line of CBD products was developed specifically for wellness. The CBD-only formulations can be used any time, day or night. The Arctic Freeze pain-relieving CBD lotion has…

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