In the dynamic world of cannabis, the “At Ease” line by Green Meadows stands out, offering consumers a unique experience. The secret behind this distinctive line? A meticulous partnership approach with a variety of cultivators. 

Cultivator Partnerships 

Green Meadows is known for its organically grown premium flower brand, which caters to the high end of the market in terms of price. However, we recognize a segment of consumers seeking more cost-effective products. We’ve explored partnerships with indoor and outdoor cultivators across Massachusetts to bridge this gap. Their criteria for potential partners are clear: excellent growth methodologies, diverse strains, and an approach that prioritizes high-quality flower, even at a different price point.  

Finding the Right Partners 

Identifying the right cultivators is a blend of grassroots research and industry connections. Green Meadows primarily relies on word of mouth, monitoring industry trends, and consumer preferences. Research into prospective partners covers many questions: Are they indoor or outdoor growers? Do they grow organically or synthetically? What unique strains do they offer? By visiting their facilities and assessing their flower quality firsthand, Green Meadows ensures that every flower meets their high standards.  The evaluation begins with a visit to the cultivator’s facility and a face-to-face meeting. Green Meadows must collaborate with individuals of high integrity and professionalism. Upon assessing the facility, they pay close attention to cleanliness, size, growth methodology, post-processing, and curing methods. Every stage, from mother clone room to vegetation to flowering, is scrutinized.  However, the product itself remains the centerpiece of the evaluation. Aspects like scent, appearance, and testing results are crucial.

“There are a lot of great cultivators around the state of Massachusetts developing high-quality flower. We understand that while we prefer and understand that ours are premium, there’s a lot of good flower out there that people are growing that can also be considered premium at a different price point. We’re looking for those other cultivators that have high-quality, well-grown flower that attracts the right nose, has a good terpene profile, good testing, and whatever the consumer may want. [It] just gives us a little bit more variety outside of what we’re growing here at Green Meadows.”  

– Rob Patton, CMO

Many consumers lean towards high-testing flower, with products testing in the high 20s in THC percentage being more sought after than those in the teens. Beyond the numbers, the flower’s scent or “nose” hints at its lineage, terpene profile, and even the quality of its curing process. An ideal flower for the “At Ease” line should have a distinct scent that doesn’t remind one of synthetic or lab-grown qualities.  The scent, driven primarily by terpenes, is more than just a measure of quality – it’s also an indicator of the potential effects a user might experience. While high THC percentages might indicate potency, terpenes can guide a user’s specific experience. For instance, a gassy diesel-like smell might produce different effects than something more citrusy. While the exact correlation between terpene profiles and user experience isn’t fully mapped out, terpenes are thought to significantly influence the overall sensation of smoking the flower. 

Modern Cannabis Consumers: What They Want 

The landscape of cannabis consumption is as diverse as the people who indulge in it. As we’ve observed, when people describe their favorite strains or cultivars, they often provide colorful, sensory-laden descriptions that give potential consumers an idea of the experience they might expect.  There’s no universal favorite when it comes to cannabis strains. Some users chase the highest THC percentage, seeking the most potent high. However, we’re noticing an uptick in consumers who prefer a balanced approach to cannabis consumption.

“I try and put myself in the shoes of the everyday consumer. I’m a sunup to sundown smoker and that means you need to make sure you’ve got the right stuff to not derail your day. I wouldn’t bring anything into our facility that I wouldn’t smoke myself.”

Scott MacKenzie, Wholesale Manager

Like alcohol enthusiasts who may opt for a smooth Pinot Noir over a shot of moonshine, these consumers are searching for strains that provide a nuanced experience.  At Green Meadows, we’ve introduced strains like “Hell on Wheels” and “Strawberry Gelato,” which aim to offer consumers a body high that’s powerful but still lucid. It’s about providing choices and ensuring consumers have the range they need for their desired experience. 

Brand Recognition in Cannabis 

In addition to flavor and effect, name-brand recognition has also emerged as a significant factor for many consumers, especially among older demographics. Interestingly, these aren’t always new, trendy cultivars but rather strains that evoke a sense of nostalgia. It’s reminiscent of the strains smoked years ago, perhaps in their youth. Strains like Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, and Northern Lights continue to top sales menus because they resonate with this demographic. There’s comfort in the familiar; for some, revisiting a strain from their past is part of the allure.  However, the industry is evolving. Many cultivators are innovatively blending these nostalgic strains with newer cultivars, aiming to create the next sensation. Yet, despite these new introductions, many consumers still relish the classics. There’s something about smoking a familiar strain that transports them back to when they were 22, evoking memories of past experiences.  Ultimately, it’s clear that while THC percentages and unique flavor profiles are important, the cannabis industry is also driven by consumers’ desires for familiarity, balance, and variety. As the industry grows, seeing how these trends evolve and shape the market will be fascinating. 

“We’re not just putting a label on everything. We’re actually taking the time to quality-check the flower that we’re bringing in, making sure it meets our standards, and if it’s not meeting our standards, we don’t go ahead and just purchase it because it’s at a low-cost package. We are really being selective about who we bring on as a partner.”

Dan Donahue, VP, Cannabis Operations

Our At Ease line represents Green Meadows’ dedication to quality, partnership, and meeting the diverse needs of the cannabis consumer base. Through meticulous research, hands-on evaluations, and an understanding of the subtle nuances that make each flower unique, Green Meadows ensures that every product under the At Ease label offers consumers a premium and diverse experience.