Medical patients look forward to product variety, patient consultation, and tax-free organic cannabis

Green Meadows received its final medical license on October 12th, 2023 from the Cannabis Control Commission to serve medical patients. Green Meadows expects to begin serving medical patients and caregivers at its Fitchburg dispensary next month, and the Patton family couldn’t be happier.  

“Offering our own organic cannabis products to medical patients, especially veterans and seniors, was the main reason we entered this industry,” says Bob Patton, Green Meadows Chairman and patriarch. 

“We’re licensed for both medical and adult-use at our other dispensary in Southbridge. Along with products tailored for our patients’ therapeutic use, medical cannabis is also tax free, and gives us the ability to offer discounts and other rewards s – things we’re limited under the law to do for adult-use customers – will make a huge difference in Fitchburg,” said Patton. “Visitors there have been asking when are we going medical? Well, guess what: it’s coming very soon.” 

Fitchburg currently has one other medically licensed dispensary. Where Green Meadows aims to differentiate their offering is through patient consultation, competitive pricing, and product variety designed for the medical market. 

The company’s Southbridge store was voted Best Dispensary in Central Massachusetts by a reader’s poll in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette last year (it’s a finalist for the same award in 2023), and Patton expects Fitchburg to reach the same level.  

Patton commented: “Our team is terrific, the store’s lovely, and we’ve got the advantage of offering our own premium organics and a solid value line of pre-rolls and flower along with all the outside brands that people like to try.”  

The company’s family owners take particular pride in employing and serving America’s vets. “It’s in our DNA,” says Patton, the grandson of World War Two’s General George Patton. “There’s no better way to show our gratitude than to offer veterans special deals and bundles for products that may help with PTSD, pain, or sleep – and without the dependency and deadliness of opioids. Now that Fitchburg will be licensed for medical,” Patton adds, “we can really deliver for the folks who deserve it most.” 

“Patton often speaks at public forums about the potential of cannabis to improve lives. “It’s not a panacea. It’s a tool in the toolbox for adults looking to boost their individual wellness.” 

With the company now offering a high-potency line of CBD products under its new Patton Reserve brand, the Green Meadows name is featured on dispensary shelves throughout Massachusetts. In gratitude to the community for its support and patience, Patton offers this promise: “Fitchburg will always have our best.” 

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