Two family owned and operated cannabis businesses have joined forces on a passionate mission to support veterans.

6 Bricks Springfield, owned by the Shubrick family, and Green Meadows, owned by the Patton family, have formed a business coalition to collaborate on cannabis retail and community health. That business coalition has helped both to find a common interest in helping and serving veterans with health challenges that too often confront our military, both physically and mentally.  

On Wednesday, January 17th, the Shubrick family presented a check for $2,000 to the Patton Alliance for Veterans. 

Mayor of Springfield, MA, Domenic J. Sarno thanked Payton Shubrick and the 6 Bricks team for their partnership with Green Meadows Cannabis.

“This is such a wonderful collaboration to support our veterans,” said Mayor Sarno. This partnership will help our veterans as they deal with any PTSD issues related to their service. It was also great to meet the Bob Patton, the grandson of the famous World War II General, George S. Patton – ‘Old Blood and Guts’.”

“One of the important things my family and I have learned about the responsibility of our business to the community is that our local veterans have very special needs. Veterans who served in WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm to Afghanistan, have taught us that we can help them with their visible health issues and their hidden ailments like PTSD,” said Payton Shubrick, Founder and CEO of 6 Bricks. 

“We are proud of our family’s heritage, but it is not something we have traded upon in this business. General George S. Patton and General George S. Patton, Jr., my grandfather and father served, fought and commanded troops in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, in eras where the medicinal benefits of cannabis were unknown. We think that they would appreciate what this product could have done for the troops who served with them,” said Robert “Bob” H. Patton, Chairman and Co-Founder of Green Meadows. 

6 Bricks is excited to have created this partnership with Green Meadows. The Patton family has applied a legacy of integrity, quality and responsibility to the production and sale of premium cannabis. This collaboration was born out of a commitment 6 Brick’s has to cannabis being a part of an individual’s wellness routine, which veterans can and have benefited greatly from.  

Robert “Bob” H. Patton thanked the Shubrick Family for their support of Green Meadows affiliated non-profit supporting StopSoldierSuicide.Org and the Black Veterans Project, among other organizations. As the son of a retired army major general, and grandson of “Old Blood and Guts” General George S. Patton, Bob Patton is grateful for the Shubrick family’s generosity. “My grandfather commanded troops in two world wars and my father did the same in both Korea and Vietnam. The psychological toll of combat was less understood in those days.  We strongly believe that cannabis can give relief to many sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress and provide long term pain relief while being an alternative to habit-forming and deadly opioids. We are proud to dedicate some of our revenue to supporting veterans and are honored that the Shubrick’s and 6 Bricks are dedicated to this same mission,” said Patton. 

Local news outlet WWLP News and the City of Springfield, provided coverage of the 6 Bricks donation.

About the Patton Alliance:  At Green Meadows Patton Alliance for Veterans, our mission is to honor the military legacy of the Patton Family by supporting America’s veterans. We do this through charitable donations, community service, and education on medical cannabis products that can improve their lives. We believe that every veteran deserves access to resources that promote their health and well-being, and we are committed to advocating for their rights and interests. Through our work, we hope to build a stronger, more supportive community that honors the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes.