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First-timers, occasional users, and even experienced connoisseurs have questions about different products and their attributes. At Green Meadows, we provide both great cannabis and great info about this amazing plant. It’s your health. It’s your wellbeing. We’re here to help and, by engaging personally with our customers, here to learn as well.

Cannabis 101


The active compounds in the cannabis plant that provide its medical and psychoactive properties, cannabinoids induce specific effects ranging from relaxation to mood elevation, from mental ease to relief of physical pain. There are 113 identified cannabinoids, of which the most well-known is THC. (Tetrahydrocannabinal).


These aromatic compounds are found in many plants, but are especially concentrated in cannabis. Though important for the aesthetic flavoring they bring to the cannabis experience, terpenes facilitate the absorption of cannabinoids in the blood stream and thus increase the plant’s healing potential.


Strains fall into three main categories.

Sativa strains heighten energy, creativity and functionality, but can cause anxiety in some users.

These strains generally provide a sense of tranquility, which makes them ideal for relaxing and for bedtime.

A blend of sativa and indica families, these strains are typically broken into three subcategories: sativa-dominant, indica dominant and 50/50 hybrids. Countless numbers of hybrid strains have been developed through genetic cross breeding, with targeted effects varying in each case.


The amount of cannabis you consume directly affects the experience. Avoid taking too much. Start with low doses and allow time for them to take effect. Edibles are especially deceptive, often taking several hours before effects appear yet longer lasting in duration.


Cannabis legalization is expanding worldwide. Since medical usage can be traced back thousands of years, it’s no surprise that modern trends toward legalization began with medical cannabis. Legalization of adult-use marijuana has followed as society’s understanding of cannabis law and regulation has matured. But important legal distinctions remain.

Adult Use
In Massachusetts, adult use (recreational) is allowed with the following restrictions, among others:

  • Users must be 21-years old or older

  • Can’t be consumed in public or on federal land

  • Individuals may possess a maximum of 1 oz. on their person and up to 10 oz. at home

  • Driving under the influence of marijuana is a crime

Please refer to the Massachusetts government website for more information:

In Massachusetts, you must be a registered patient to use cannabis for medical purposes. For information about registration and applicable cannabis treatments visit the Massachusetts medical use web page at:


Even if you’re experienced with cannabis, you may encounter unfamiliar or newly popular terms. If we ever use a term you’re unfamiliar with at Green Meadows, please tell us! Our Cannabis Concierges are happy to educate and assist you—and also to hear about your experiences in order better to assist others.

A nickname for the cannabis flower. It refers to how the bulbous flowers are dried, cured and smoked.
Short for Cannabidiol. CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, unlike its popular THC counterpart.
Extracts made by rendering cannabis oil from the plant. These deliver all the cannabis effects without its leaves and vegetation.
A dose of concentrated cannabis oil. It can also refer to the consumption of the oil by vaporizing it on a heated surface, which is commonly known as a nail or banger.
A concentrate or pure cannabis oil; an extraction of the most valuable compounds in the cannabis plant (generally THC or CBD). These can be consumed orally, sublingually or inhaled.
Any food (or chewable) that’s been infused with highly concentrated cannabis extract.
Entourage Effect
Products that harness the full spectrum of what cannabis offers—preserving all of its naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids—to provide the full cannabis experience.
The portion of the cannabis plant that’s harvested for consumption. Smaller flowers are often referred to as “popcorn buds,” and finely ground flower prepared for rolling joints is commonly known as “shake.”
Cannabis without the THC, although it is rarely referred to as cannabis. It’s used to render CBDs and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids for fiber, and also in a wide variety of body care products.
Kief falls off the plant when it is ground or handled. Many grinders feature a kief screen to collect the kief for later use.
This sticky substance is extracted from the cannabis plant and contains the resins of the plant. “Oil” is also a universal word for concentrate.
These “ready for use” cannabis cigarettes are made by rolling the ground flower tightly in rolling paper for smoking.
The ratio of THC to CBD in a product. The “high” effects of TCH are diminished when more CBD is added. Common ratios are 1:1, 1:20 and 20:1.
The thick, sticky substance found inside the plant’s trichomes. This substance includes the beneficial cannabis compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes.
A unique genetic variety of cannabis. Strains are bred to highlight certain characteristics such as odor, flavor and its effects on the user.
The psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, THC is responsible for its euphoric effects.
A cannabis-infused liquid made by soaking decarboxylated (activated) cannabis in a solvent to be ingested orally.
Products like creams and lotions that are infused with cannabis and applied directly to the skin. They are often used to ease sore muscles, reduce inflammation and to manage pain.
These prefilled vaporizer cartridges or pods are simple ways to consume cannabis oils. They’ve received negative headlines due to the use of nicotine vapes by school-age children and young adults and to the common additions of flavors to mask their scents and taste—additions often unregulated and untested, unlike vapes offered by government-regulated cannabis providers such as Green Meadows.
A water filtration device used for inhaling cannabis smoke. They are commonly referred to as a “bong.”


Are you open?

We are open for adult use/recreational sales!

What are your store hours?
Mon–Thur 10am–7pm
Fri-Sat 10am–8pm
Sun 10am–6pm
What payment methods do you accept?
  • Cash

  • Debit Card / Cashless ATM

  • CanPay

  • We do not accept credit cards, Apple Pay, or other forms not listed above

Can I visit if I am not a Massachusetts resident?
Yes! Out-of-state residents who are age 21+ can purchase adult use cannabis sold in Massachusetts.
Do I have to be 21 or older to visit Green Meadows?
Absolutely. Under Massachusetts law, we are required to confirm that patrons are 21+ and have valid, state-issued identification (driver’s license, passport, state ID, etc.).
How do I know what kind of cannabis to try first? How can I learn more about cannabis?
At Green Meadows we offer a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products, both in their natural state and safely processed into edibles, concentrates and oils. Choosing among the many options can be daunting, and there are many factors to consider. But don’t worry—at Green Meadows our Cannabis Concierges are trained experts in the field and are always pleased to point you in the right direction.
Do you sell medical marijuana?

Yes! Visit our medical marijuana program page for more information about our Medical Program.

What form of ID do I need to purchase recreational marijuana?
You need a government-issued ID for age validation. Acceptable forms of ID include a current driver’s license, passport, state ID, or military ID. You must be 21+ years of age to purchase recreational (adult-use) marijuana.
How much marijuana can I purchase?

In Massachusetts, adults 21 or older may legally possess up to 1 oz. of marijuana (or its equivalent in concentrate). But there are a number of laws limiting the use and consumption of marijuana that you should be aware of. For example, in Massachusetts you may not possess more than a total of 10 oz. in your home.

Please refer to the Massachusetts government website for more information:

Visit Mass.Gov now.

Where am I allowed to consume recreational marijuana products?
You cannot consume recreational marijuana on public or federal lands; it can only be consumed at home or in private settings where smoking and/or vaping is allowed. Public consumption of marijuana may result in fines.
What are the rules for transporting recreational marijuana products?

Marijuana product purchased in Massachusetts cannot be transported across state lines. Additionally, you cannot have an open container during transport.

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