An Elevated Experience Great atmosphere, service and products define our Southbridge dispensary. Right away you’ll notice its convenient parking and spacious, welcoming interior. Next you’ll sense the knowledge and care our staff brings to each visitor.

Big News! We're opening our second retail location in Fitchburg, MA in Spring 2022!
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Starting the week of November 28, we will be introducing 7 new cannabis flower strains, grown exclusively by Green Meadows for sale in both our retail store and through our wholesale partnerships. Keep your eye out for news and announcements in the coming days!

A Heritage of Service and Support

Green Meadows embodies a family legacy of supporting and serving others. Founded by descendants of General George S. Patton, Green Meadows carries deep traditions of organic farming, positive community engagement, and support of military veterans. Our products and customer service reflect this by always focusing on each visitor’s needs and wishes. We’re passionate about cannabis, yes. Ultimately, we’re passionate about you.

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You’ll find us in a historic, restored 19th century mill building in downtown Southbridge, minutes north of the Connecticut border. Our large cultivation and extraction facility, deploying organic and environmentally responsible methods throughout, is located under the same roof as our dispensary.  

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Laura Taylor | Cannabis Concierge

People aren’t always sure what to expect. Maybe it’s their first time here. I welcome them, and make sure they feel comfortable.

The descendants of the famed World War Two hero bring a heritage of organic agriculture, community service, and veteran advocacy to Massachusetts cannabis.

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We Support Veterans

Green Meadows was originally a produce farm established on land purchased by George S. Patton in 1928. The Patton family continues to honor the General’s legacy through its commitment to diversity employment and to helping veterans and their families cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, social isolation, and pain-related issues.

General George S. Patton Jr. in Tunisia, 1943
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