Green Meadows, a family-owned Massachusetts cannabis brand founded by descendants of General George S. Patton, proudly announced today a groundbreaking collaboration with Bailey’s Buds, a popular family-owned craft cultivator. The announcement marks the start of the first chapter of an ongoing partnership between the two highly sought-after premium brands. This alliance transcends beyond product innovation, weaving together the extraordinary stories of two companies with deep roots in Massachusetts, who both share a commitment to organic cannabis cultivation practices.  Rob Patton, Chief Marketing Officer of Green Meadows and great-grandson of General George S. Patton, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “It’s a privilege to join forces with Bailey’s Buds, a brand that shares our commitment to high-quality craft cannabis. Together, we’re on a mission to connect the rich history of the past with the exciting possibilities of the future of the cannabis industry.”   The first co-branded product stemming from this partnership will be a strain-specific Full Spectrum vape, featuring the cultivar “9 Pound Hammer,” grown organically at Bailey’s Buds and presented in the signature 1g all-in-one vape from Green Meadows, The Tank. The Tank is a one-gram disposable rechargeable vape, and a fan favorite in Massachusetts, known for its smooth draw and durability. A limited release of “9 Pound Hammer” will be available exclusively at Green Meadows’ retail locations, based in Southbridge, MA and Fitchburg, MA along with a small cohort of select retailers throughout the Commonwealth.  “As a devoted fan of The Tank, I am beyond excited to launch this collaboration with Green Meadows’ innovative hardware. The Tank’s optimized air flow makes it the perfect vessel to showcase the quality and flavor of “9 Pound Hammer,” said Phil Bailey, Distributor for Bailey’s Buds.  Green Meadows and Bailey’s Buds share key similarities that lay a solid foundation for their partnership. Both companies are family-owned, committed to organic cultivation, and have brand stories deeply rooted in Massachusetts history. As fan favorites in the state, they’ve garnered a loyal following. This collaboration is a practical and highly anticipated move, uniting two brands with common values and a strong presence in the Massachusetts cannabis community.