Green Meadows, a leading distributor in the Massachusetts cannabis market, proudly announces its exclusive distribution partnership with Gentlemen Smugglers, marking a significant milestone in the state’s cannabis landscape. This collaboration blends the rich legacies of both brands, offering consumers unparalleled access to premium cannabis products with a deep-rooted commitment to quality and heritage.    Gentlemen Smugglers shares Green Meadows’ dedication to quality and exceptional customer support within the Massachusetts market. With a focus on bringing lesser-known growers and manufacturers to the forefront, Gentlemen Smugglers curates a unique selection of cannabis products that reflect their legacy and commitment to the industry.  The current Gentlemen Smugglers lineup, available through Green Meadows, includes flower, prerolls, and vape carts, with concentrates set to be introduced in the near future. Gentlemen Smugglers’ offerings are affordably priced, making quality cannabis accessible to a wider audience in the Commonwealth.    Gentlemen Smugglers is inspired by one of America’s true legends, Barry Foy. Between 1971 and 1986, Barry and his crew were infamous for smuggling over 250 tons of cannabis in the US and owning the East Coast trade. They outran the FBI, DEA, Interpol, and Customs and in a very real way, they were the dispensaries of their time until Operation Jackpot, the opening act in President Reagan’s War on Drugs, brought them down. A decade of contraband earned Barry a decade behind bars, which is ironic because many of the markets he supplied are now open for business. That’s why he rebooted the Gentlemen Smugglers brand to bring quality cannabis to the people, this time legally, and with real social equity reinvestment and unparalleled storytelling at its core. The Gentlemen Smugglers never lost their rogue spirit and their legacy embodies high stakes, high adventure, and a bygone era.  “We are thrilled to partner with Gentlemen Smugglers to bring their unique story and exceptional products to the Massachusetts market,” said Bob Patton, Chairman of the Board & co-founder of Green Meadows, and grandson of General George S. Patton. “Their commitment to quality and their legacy in the industry align perfectly with our values, and we look forward to offering their products to our customers.” Foy, owner of Gentlemen Smugglers, added, “It’s terrific to have two brands come together seamlessly and we’re thrilled with our new partner, Green Meadows. Authenticity is so important in this industry and the fact that we’ve got two veteran teams coming together is truly unique.”    Gentlemen Smugglers‘ products will be available exclusively through Green Meadows in Massachusetts starting February 1st, 2024.