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Zooted - Premium 4pc grinder - Rose Gold

The Zooted Premium 4pc Grinder is a top-notch accessory designed to enhance your grinding experience. Crafted from heavy-grade Aluminum, this grinder features a quarter locking function for easy access to your herbs, alongside a removable screen for straightforward cleaning and to prevent blockage. Its deep compartments across all four pieces double as convenient storage for condiments or herbs. With sharp teeth for a smooth, fine grind every time, the Zooted Grinder combines functionality with style. Available in three eye-catching color variations: Gold, Silver, and Rose, it not only looks premium but feels it too, thanks to its high polished aluminum composition. The grinder is equipped with a magnetic lid for secure closure, a middle storage chamber for ground herbs, and a mesh screen to filter finer particles into the bottom reservoir, complete with a scraping tool for kief collection. This grinder is designed to efficiently tear and fluff your herb with minimal effort, making your smoking sessions effortlessly zooted

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