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Brand: Bettys Eddies

Orange Creme | Taffy | 500mg


Unwrap unwind and ahhhhhhh. Did you know sleep is an essential part of physical recovery A good nights rest is key to feeling our Betty best self Weve combined our two best-selling fruit chews - Bedtime Bettys and Ache Away Eddies - into one dreamy formula to encourage a night of soothing slumber.

Meet Ache Away Eddies PM our newest recipe infusing full-spectrum cannabis CBN CBC Chamomile Turmeric and Piperine into an Orange Creme fruit chew so you can doze off to dreamland and wake up tomorrow ready to seize the day. Betty knows best invest in good rest

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About the brand :
Bettys Eddies

Bettys Eddies deliciously handcrafted fruit chews feature all-natural blends of full-spectrum cannabis supporting cannabinoids and herbal supplements & vitamins to help you feel your Betty best no matter what life throws at you. Bettys Eddies are made with 100% all-natural ingredients. We use real pieces of fruits & veggies that you can see & tasteWe use fast-acting full-spectrum cannabis so your Bettys are infused with all of the full benefits from the full plant including natural compounds like the terpenes & cannabinoids.We take pride in our recipes and make them the old-fashioned way: with lots of love in small batches for a tasty & trusty experience every time you chews us.

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