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Brand: Drink Loud

Maui Blast (FA) | Tincture | 100mg


Drink Loud, Get Lifted

LIFTED sweeps you off your feet without knocking you on your behind. With a light, fruity flavor Maui Blast is a tropical getaway in a bottle. Crack one open and find your perfect dose to transport you onto that sandy beach in your mind, letting stress lift away.


1.7 Fl.oz (50ml)

100mg TH

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About the brand :
Drink Loud

DRINK LOUD shots are infused with the dankest, cleanest cannabis put through our proprietary nano-tech process that gives you a stronger, faster onset and a more mellow vibe. A potent experience is complemented by our four decidedly delicious flavors. POTENT Introducing the loudest THC shot in the market. COMPACT 100 MG of THC jammed into 1.7fl Oz. Tiny but mighty. NANO 10 Minute rapid onset. The best in nano-emulsion.

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