Green Meadows Farm Appoints Benjamin Bourque EVP of Cannabis Production

(SOUTHBRIDGE, MASS.) April 8, 2021 – Today Green Meadows Farm (Green Meadows), a cannabis company recently launched by the Patton family based in Southbridge, Mass., announced the appointment of Benjamin Bourque as executive vice president for cannabis production. In this role, Bourque will lead a team of approximately 30 growers and processing professionals in the production of sustainably grown cannabis to the highest organic standards.

Bourque joined Green Meadows from Denver, where he built his own organic cannabis business, New Amsterdam Organics. With 17 years of business operations, cultivation and extraction experience, Bourque is a facilitator and developer of organic cultivation methods with a superior focus on product quality and compliance. It is this shared commitment to compliance, sustainability and organic principles that brought Bourque to Green Meadows, where he is able to leverage his skill set in a large commercial facility. In fact, Green Meadows is so committed to improving water and energy use that, under Bourque’s leadership, it developed its own patent-pending fertigation system to maximize purity and efficiency.

“Running my own cannabis company allowed me to produce cannabis in a way that aligned with my values, but I found I was spending a lot of my time on business management instead of production and innovation, which is really where my passion lies,” said Bourque. “I met with cannabis companies all over the country, and ultimately, I moved my family to Massachusetts because Green Meadows was the only organization that fully aligned with my values. When the CEO, Bob Patton, mentioned he was concerned about the potentially dangerous industry practice of using hydrocarbons for extraction and was committed to doing things differently even though it was more expensive, I knew it was the right fit.”

Bourque is also overseeing the development of Green Meadows’ 35,000-square-foot cannabis cultivation and extraction facility. This is a role Bourque is uniquely positioned to fill, as he developed and operated a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse from an upholstery factory to an energy efficient cultivation facility for New Amsterdam Organics.

Bourque is a Louisiana State University-trained botany scientist. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics with a concentration in medical physics and a focus on organic chemistry and plant biology. He has a vast knowledge of horticulture and the latest greenhouse and extraction technologies. While running New Amsterdam Organics, Bourque developed several innovative production methods, including an integrated pest management program that exceeded clean green certification standards, as well as new processes for fertilizer use, propagation and soil blending.

Green Meadows was approved for its license to open as an adult-use retailer earlier this month and plans to open its doors in early February. In a rarity for Massachusetts cannabis, Green Meadows will launch its cultivation and processing facility within the same restored 19th century structure, ensuring a seamless integration of customer-facing retail and premium organic production. Once vertically integrated from seed to sale, Green Meadows will activate its pending medical cannabis license and serve registered patients along with adult-use customers.

“We have a responsibility to be mindful about our global impact in terms of sustainability and to view organic inputs as an opportunity to increase quality while maintaining an affordable price point to ensure this natural, pure remedy remains accessible for those looking to incorporate cannabis to benefit their health and well-being,” said Bob Patton, CEO, Green Meadows Farm. “We’re thrilled to have Ben on board to help bring this vision to reality.”

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