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Brand: Hexies

Watermelon | Gummies | 50mg



* Hexies are gelatin-based pull & dose fruit chews that come in a variety of interesting flavors. Each fruit chew is approximately 5mg of THC and there are 10 servings in each Hexies 10-Pack.

* Consumers often chose these gummies for controlled dosage and ease of use.

*Gluten Free.

* Typical Effects: Calm, Energetic, Happy, & Relaxed.

*Best kept in a cool, dry area below room temperature

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About the brand :

These pull-and-dose fruit chews are a classic Cultivate infused edible. They have a gummy-bear-like consistency created with a propriety emulsion that uses natural ingredients to alleviate the bitter after-taste of traditional emulsifiers. The short of it? They taste great.

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