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Brand: Sip

Root Beer | Infused Soda 12oz | 5mg


Satisfy your taste buds with SIP's creamy, delicious, and all-natural Root Beer. A delight for even the most discerning soda lovers, enjoy it solo or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


SIP uses nanoencapsulation to break down cannabis extracts into billions of smaller particles. As a result, this allows your body to absorb cannabis faster. Although everyone's tolerance is different, you can expect to feel the effects of SIP within 15-30 minutes of consumption.

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About the brand :

"At Sip, we believe in keeping life simple. We fill our days and nights with things that make us happy and cannabis is high on that list. Each Sip flavor is infused with the highest quality distillate and organically derived terpenes designed to complement both the flavor of the drink and the desired effect. Additionally, our drinks are made using nanotechnology, which means you get the strongest, fastest result each time you Sip."

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