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Brand: Nectar Premium

Orange Pineapple Daytime | 5mg

SativaTHC:5.25mgTAC: 5.25 mg

Nectar DayTime | Orange Pineapple: Embrace the Day with a Flavorful Wake-Up Call! Wake up to a burst of flavor and energy with Nectar Daytime, the 12 oz. non-carbonated beverage blends the vibrant tastes of orange and pineapple with a dose of THC (5mg). Stay hydrated with added electrolytes, power up with caffeine, and enhance your focus with Lion's Mane mushrooms. Move over mundane choices, Nectar DayTime is the refreshing pick-me-up that sets a new standard for your morning ritual.

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"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids 5.25
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids-5.25

About the brand :
Nectar Premium

Nectar branded products are a manifestation of our commitment to convenience and accessibility to excellent cannabis. With a team of expert growers and master curers, Nectar took their mission of accessibility a step further by acquiring farmland in southern Oregon where some of the highest quality cannabis in the nation is grown. This act heavily contributes to Nectar’s ability to provide premium weed at affordable prices.

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