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Brand: Rev Farms

Lemon Disco | Flower | 28g


Roll some Lemon Disco and get ready to groove into a focused mind that is energized and awakened to detail, creating a flow state of creativity and awareness. The ample, dense buds on this vigorous varietal have the fresh, savory tang of BBQ sauce with bright overtones of lemon. Lemon Disco is a visually stunning strain with nugs that turn a deep purple with orange hues throughout. It lives up to its name with a hint of sweetness on the back end and a very sweet smell, often characterized by a citrus-fruity aroma. The buds are covered in trichomes, giving them a translucent and cloudy appearance, while the dense and greasy texture adds to its overall appeal.

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About the brand :
Rev Farms

Nestled in Central Mass you’ll find Rev Clinic’s grow, home to some of the most beloved cannabis in the commonwealth. Tended by our team of expert growers through all stages of cultivation, Rev’s plants get the care and support they need to flourish into the premium buds you know and enjoy. Rev Farms includes fresh flower sourced from select partners as well as our own house flower; grown in a state-of-the-art production facility with passion and supported with environmental controls, tried and true agricultural techniques, and sustainable growing practices. Our diverse stable of strains includes patient favorites, up and coming strains, breeder’s cut tissue culture varieties as well as winners from rounds of pheno-hunting. The idyllic farm scene artwork featured on our bags is inspired by the grassroots connection that defines our passionate Grow Team. With decades of combined traditional cannabis cultivation experience, we honor their dedication and labor of love to this magical plant.

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