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Green Meadows is growing fast and introducing new products all the time. Soon we’ll offer a wide menu of our own brand of cannabis grown and processed to organic standards at our Southbridge facility. Please check back on this page often for news and updates.

We’re also passionate about cannabis education and providing articles and information. If you ever have questions, contact us! Our Cannabis Concierges are also available at our location to assist you personally.

In The News

How cannabis growers can use cover crops to reduce their carbon footprint, save money

Cover crops can help cannabis growers use less water and fewer added nutrients as well as reduce overall costs tied to things such as soil replacement or pesticides.

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How cannabis growers can use no-till methods to reduce carbon footprint, save money

Cannabis cultivators are turning to no-till cultivation methods to limit their carbon footprint, maintain soil health and save thousands of dollars on equipment and fertilizer costs during each grow cycle.

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We Support Veterans

Green Meadows was originally a produce farm established on land purchased by George S. Patton in 1928. The Patton family continues to honor the General’s legacy through its commitment to diversity employment and to helping veterans and their families cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, social isolation, and pain-related issues.

General George S. Patton Jr. in Tunisia, 1943
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