Cannabis. Weed. Ganja. Hashish. Hemp. Mary Jane. MJ.

These are just a few of the words used for one magnificent plant: marijuana. The world of cannabis is wide and diverse, with its own subcultures, methodologies and colloquialisms. Not only that, but the cannabis plant itself is complex, with so many components and properties that impact how you experience cannabis products. Whether in the dispensary or out in the world, even if you’re experienced with cannabis, you may encounter unfamiliar or newly popular terms. At Green Meadows, we always strive to lead with education and inclusivity, from our in-store interactions to our wider community presence. So, let’s break it down and meet your marijuana (MJ) – part 1.

Bud and flower are two words used quite frequently but what are they referring to exactly? Flower is the portion of the cannabis plant that’s harvested for consumption. Smaller flowers are often referred to as “popcorn buds,” and finely ground flower prepared for rolling joints is commonly known as “shake.” Bud is just a nickname for the cannabis flower. It refers to how the bulbous flowers are dried, cured and smoked.

If you’ve visited your local pharmacy recently, you’ve likely seen hemp products on the shelves. What is the difference between cannabis and hemp? Hemp is just cannabis without the THC, although it is rarely referred to as cannabis. It’s used to render CBDs and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids for fiber. It is found in a wide variety of body care products

Ok, now let’s get into a few terms that aren’t as common, but you may hear as you start to explore cannabis dispensaries.

  • Kief falls off the plant when it is ground or handled. Many grinders feature a kief screen to collect the kief for later use.
  • Resin is the thick, sticky substance found inside the plant’s trichomes, the tiny hairs that emerge from the surfaces of leaves and of plants. This substance includes the beneficial cannabis compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes (more on that in our next post).
  • Finally, oil is the sticky substance extracted from the cannabis plant and contains the resins of the plant. “Oil” is also a universal word for concentrate.

In our next article in this series we’ll start to explore the plant properties that will shape your experience with cannabis products.