Cannabis saves the Patton Family Farm

By Amy Cosper, Family Business Magazine

One of the pillars of this family has always been altruistic. We want to help veterans no matter what. So we investigated cannabis and realized there was something there with medical cannabis. We could help veterans with PTSD

The Patton family name has been synonymous with the military for generations. General George S. Patton is widely considered one of the most successful combat generals in U.S. history and his son, George Patton IV, was a major general in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Today, Bob Patton, the 64-year-old non-military grandson of George S. Patton, is the CEO of Green Meadows Farm. The 200-acre farm just north of Boston was intended as the retirement spot for Gen. George S. Patton, but he died in 1945 and never took up residence on the farm.

“But my father did retire there, and he lived in relative quiet as a retiree,” explains Bob Patton. “After about a year of retirement, he became restless and decided he wanted to be a farmer, so that’s what he did. He grew vegetables, which he sold on a roadside farm stand.”

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We Support Veterans

Green Meadows was originally a produce farm established on land purchased by George S. Patton in 1928. The Patton family continues to honor the General’s legacy through its commitment to diversity employment and to helping veterans and their families cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, social isolation, and pain-related issues.

General George S. Patton Jr. in Tunisia, 1943
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