About Our Dispensary

Committed to Providing an Elevated Experience

Green Meadows is a family-owned company whose founders hail from generations of military renown. The Patton family has now applied a legacy of integrity, quality and responsibility to the production and sale of premium cannabis. But that’s only part of our mission. Green Meadows is a place where consumers feel welcome, where our team is proud to work, and where our community can trust that our impact will be positive, supportive and enduring.

Why Did We Open a Cannabis Facility?

… Because Cannabis Consumers Deserve Great Quality, Safety and Service

We’re dedicated to providing all three to the very best level around. Legalized cannabis is an emerging phenomenon that will improve the lives of millions of adults, medical patients, and industry workers. We’re excited to be a part of it and to share the experience with you.

… Because We Believe in Education

You may have questions about cannabis; we’ve got answers. From the experts on our cultivation team to our on-the-floor Guest Service Associates, our team has extensive experience in botany science, organic horticulture, and green methods of extraction and processing. Our team understands cannabis as a healing agent and as a boon to good feelings and good times. And always the exchange is mutual. We learn from our customers as much as they learn from us.

… Because We Believe in High Standards

Green Meadows’ uncompromising commitment to quality stems from our roots in organic farming and sustainable agriculture. Our products are curated for purity and user benefits to ensure that Green Meadows makes a positive impact on the lives of our customers.

Our standards are exemplified by the quality of our products, but they apply to every aspect of our operation. We deploy organic methods of cultivation and processing. Sustainability is our watchword, and we’re so committed to improving water and energy use that we’ve developed our own patent-pending fertigation system to maximize purity and efficiency.

Those same high standards apply to our retail store. We aim to create an elevated experience for our visitors, whether regulars or first-timers. You’ll find ample parking, a location easily accessible to neighboring towns and two interstate highways, and a spacious interior that’s warm and relaxed. We also respect your time, which means we’re always well-staffed to ensure quicker lines and personalized service.

… Because We Believe That Respect and Citizenship Matter

Community engagement is one of the main values instilled in Green Meadows by the Patton family. It starts with a welcoming environment so everyone from expert to novice feels at home. That engagement extends to our town, our state, and our country. Legalized cannabis is a national movement, but we’ll never lose sight of the fact that its benefits are local and personal.

Green Meadows seeks to provide both civic and economic benefit to Southbridge and beyond. Commitment to community, and especially to veterans, is why we founded our cannabis facility in the first place. It’s a continuation of the same impulse that led the Patton family to donate the sprawling General Patton homestead to a nonprofit land trust in order that visitors could enjoy the land for farming, hiking and horseback riding.

… Because We Believe in Giving Back

The Patton family’s military traditions extend over generations. But history books tell only part of the story. We’re committed to providing the best and purest medical cannabis to veterans in need. Veterans go to the front of the line in employment with us. We’re proud to direct part of our revenue to veteran causes and organizations while also supporting research into PTSD and opioid dependency. And the Green Meadows team will always honor its Southbridge roots through active participation in citizens groups and civic organizations with shared community values.

We Support Veterans

Green Meadows was originally a produce farm established on land purchased by George S. Patton in 1928. The Patton family continues to honor the General’s legacy through its commitment to diversity employment and to helping veterans and their families cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, social isolation, and pain-related issues.

General George S. Patton Jr. in Tunisia, 1943
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